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Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Plan in Place for Popular Lincoln Road in Miami Beach

The $60 million project is funded entirely by the Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency, and the design and permitting are currently underway.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber announced a multimillion-dollar renovation plan for Lincoln Road, the popular shopping, dining, and entertainment strip that has been a mecca for tourists and locals since it was built in the 1920s.

With over eight million visitors walking Lincoln Road every year, Gelber aims to upgrade the strip - including adding more fountains, cultural event space and a kid's park.

... "We think that the retail sales are supporting what we believe will be a real comeback of Lincoln Road, and it's long been the nicest place to sit outside and watch a parade of people go by, and that certainly is going on now as the weather is beautiful and people are outside," said Stephen Bittel, Chairman of Terranova Corporation.

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