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Stephen Bittel Participates in MultiMillion-$ Renovation Plan for Popular Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Miami Beach is getting a face-lift, thanks to a multimillion-dollar renovation plan for Lincoln Road led by local real estate mogul Stephen Bittel. The renovation is set to transform the iconic destination and enhance its appeal to locals and tourists alike. ​​“We think that the retail sales are supporting what we believe will be a real comeback of Lincoln Road, and it’s long been the nicest place to sit outside and watch a parade of people go by, and that certainly is going on now as the weather is beautiful and people are outside,” Bittel explained.

The founder and chairman of Terranova Corporation, Bittel is a Magic City native who studied law at the prestigious University of Miami. “​​Funnily enough, I never planned on becoming an entrepreneur, or even working in real estate,” Bittel told Billion Success Media. “Both my father and grandfather are lawyers, and I always assumed I would follow in their footsteps.

“After studying abroad, I returned to Florida and enrolled at the University Miami School of Law, but I also began working full time at a commercial real estate firm to pay the bills. I ended up having a knack for it, and when they offered to restructure my compensation, I realized that I could do even better if I just started my own company. It was the fall of my second year of law school that I began operating Terranova out of my house, and although I did complete my degree and pass the bar exam, my heart was in the company I was working to build from the ground up.”

The legal world’s loss was the real estate sector’s gain. Bittel is a renowned figure in Miami, recognized for his adeptness in crafting some of the most lavish real estate properties in the region. Presently, Bittel is instrumental in an overhaul of Lincoln Road, the acclaimed pedestrian district in Miami Beach. The road is famed for its shopping, gastronomic indulgences, and entertainment options. It’s anticipated that with the impending renovation of this bustling street, it will become an even more sought-after hot spot for both the local denizens and the tourists flocking to the area.

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